Thursday, February 10, 2011

Original Lyrics to Country Dreamer, With Apologies to Sir Paul

McCartney fans, listen up. The original lyrics to Country Dreamer have just been found, deep in a protected vault.*  

I like to stand in a tree
with you.  Shake my head and
sit with you.  I like to walk
in a tree with you, would you
like to do it to "yeah would you
like to do it to." You and i coutry dreamer.  walking on
thin ice. with you.

(by Boo, 7 years old)

*also known as two huge piles of papers that have been accumulating in our den for ages.

copyright 2011, Melissa, The Betty and Boo Chronicles If you are reading this on a blog or website other than The Betty and Boo Chronicles or via a feedreader, this content has been stolen and used without permission.

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Bookfool said...

You must have an awful lot of fun in your house. ;)