Monday, April 4, 2011

All We Have

And here, another sighting of Beth in my stacks of Real Simple magazines

In this article (from November 2004, about going back to see her childhood home) comes the gift of her words: 

"Memory is a tease and an illusion, a seducer and a liar
- and mostly all we have of who we were back then."

So poetic and so very Beth. 

So serendipitious for me to see right now.

And so very, very true. 

(Photo taken of a house in my mother's former neighborhood.  They were adding this newly constructed house to the old one.)

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Darcy said...

Hey M. Cool pic. I've been meaning to email you and say thanks for sending me the book! I can't even remember the title (about NC women in a nursing home and their relationships), but it was lovely! I already passed it on to my son's teacher. Many thanks!

Wendy said...

I love these little sightings of Beth!!! You are right - what a great quote and so very Beth :)