Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Many Years Ago

This would be the mug that I, bleary-eyed, just happened to grab for my first cup of coffee this morning. 

Notice that date.  That woke me up faster than the caffeine ever could have. 

(What? You mean you don't have 25 year old souvenirs from your junior prom sitting in your cabinet? Doesn't everyone?)

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Book Dragon said...


I didn't even go to my senior prom, let all my junior prom :D

and yeah, I've got stuff like that hanging around too

Miss Remmers said...

This is great! I love how its the 19th today!!

Lisa said...

ha. I JUST decided that I could get rid of the champagne glasses with our prom design on them. Champagne glasses! Cause high school kids are old enough to drink and any old enough to drink wants to use their prom glasses to do it.

Melissa said...

Lisa - that is hilarious ... champagne glasses, of all things. I'm glad to know there's someone else who still had their prom's glassware hanging around.

Elizabeth said...

My prom was five years before yours, and mugs hadn't been invented yet.