Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yes. What She Said.

One of my favorite blogs is Girl with Pen (as anyone within earshot of my BlogHer fangirl moment with GWP founder Deborah Siegel in New York back in August can attest) and one of my favorite contributors (besides Deborah) to GWP is my blog-friend (to use her words), Alison Piepmeier. 

(If Alison's name sounds familiar to you and it's not because you - like me - are a reader of her blog, Baxter Sez or Girl with Pen, then perhaps it is because of this review I did of Alison's book.)

(Sheesh, could this be any more of a link-filled post?!) 

Anyway.  Seems that my post the other day about the PBS NewsHour series "Autism Now" prompted this thoughtful and well-said post from Alison over at Girl with Pen.  I always like what Alison has to say and am always interested in her perspective on any given situation, and she certainly has a point about  (to use her words again) "how easily (even unintentionally) autism and other cognitive disabilities can be framed as tragedies to be mourned, and/or conditions that are unacceptable and need to be fixed."

I think that's definitely true.  I haven't had a chance to watch much of the "Autism Now" series (ironically, because there's too much autism now in the Betty and Boo household, hence the incoherent nature of this post) but I'm hoping it does what my friends like Alison do so well, which is to (again, her words) emphasize "neurodiversity, on changing our society so that we can accommodate and support as many different types of people as possible."

Yes.  What she said. 

Check out Alison's full post here

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Alison said...

That is so awesome! Thank you for all the blog-love!

And one minor point that demonstrates how I can nit-pick myself: today I kept thinking, "Should I go back and edit the Girl w/Pen post?" I was concerned that my definition of blog-friend ("someone I know only because we read each other’s blogs") would seem not friendly. In particular, the "only." I strongly suspect that if we get a chance to meet in person, we'll be friends in that context, too.

You seem to have gotten all the good vibes I intended from that description, so I will now let go of that little bit of nit-picking.

Melissa said...

Yes ... let go of all that. :)

Bummed that I'm not going to be able to see you in Pittsburgh this weekend - your talk IS this weekend, right? (We haven't moved there yet, and this is one of the weekends that we're still home.)

Alison said...

I wondered if you were the Melissa who made that comment on a different website! Yes, I'm leaving tomorrow for Pittsburgh--I'm so sorry it didn't work out that you would be there!