Monday, May 2, 2011

Problem Solved

"We have better stuff to do. I have got better stuff to do.
We have got big problems to solve."
President Obama, April 27, 2011, on the release of his birth certificate

Oh, so that's what you were referring to, Mr. President.

Problem solved, indeed. 

And yeah, yeah, yeah ... I know the events of this evening will likely prompt more problems, but you know what?  I'm enjoying this, goddammit, and I'm not apologizing for enjoying this. We've earned the right to enjoy this. And to those who think this photo is too crass? Tell that to Daniel Pearl.  Or Nicholas Berg.  Or any of nearly 3,000 innocent people who died on a brilliant September day in 2001, or in the name of freedom in nearly a decade since, or the ones who still bear the physical and emotional scars and horrific memories of doing so.

Because the truth is that the people who hate us will always hate us, and would be (and still are) plotting our demise even if Bin Laden wasn't dead.

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Amy said...

Someone on Twitter commented that celebrating Bin Laden's death is wrong the way Afghanis celebrating 9/11 was wrong. I disagree. Innocent people died on 9/11; Bin Laden was far, far from innocent. Burn in hell, indeed.

Elizabeth said...

I actually find the whole exultant rejoicing awful -- and while grateful that this evil man is no longer here, I'm not certain that another snake head will spring up in his place and the cycle of violence -- however human -- will repeat itself endlessly as it has always done.

Melissa said...

Elizabeth, my friend, I know you do (saw and reflected on your post today), but ... well, perhaps on this one we could agree to disagree. After all, being able to do so is one of the things that makes this country what it is, KWIM?