Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Story of Beautiful Girl ...Available Today!

I am beyond excited and gloriously happy today for my friend, the author Rachel SimonI've written in this space before about my admiration for Rachel and about the buzz surrounding her new novel, The Story of Beautiful Girl, which is available today. 

There are many authors and many books that I rave about - this is true.  But only a few merit the utmost respect I have for Rachel Simon. 

The Story of Beautiful Girl is one that I told you back on January 23 that you would be hearing a bit about.  And, judging from the buzz that this novel has received, I'm not alone in realizing this book has something special.   (It's gotten a lot of buzz: an eight-city pre-sale tour, an ad in The New Yorker, prominent space on the Barnes and Noble website, high rankings on lists from IndieBest to USA Today ... I could go on and on.)

What's the novel about, you ask? The Story of Beautiful Girl is the story of Lynnie and Homan, whose hearts are bigger than their disabilities. Bigger than the School for the Incurable and Feebleminded where they have been left to languish. Bigger than the racial differences between them, so evident in 1968 when The Story of Beautiful Girl takes place. And matched only by their love for their baby girl.

I'll confess: I haven't read this one yet, which makes it even more unusual that I am recommending it wholeheartedly. But I do so on what I know about it, and the strength of Rachel's previous work (all of which I have read, some several times), and of course having had the opportunity to get to know Rachel personally - through emails and blog posts, through watching her work as an advocate for people with disabilities, and through our chance encounters at train stations as the clock strikes midnight.  And if The Story of Beautiful Girl  is like any of her other (wonderful) books, it is one that I am going to want to savor and not read in small snatches of time, which is how my reading life has been lately.  I cannot wait to read this. 

I hope you'll give this one a try. 

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Brenna said...

It's such a lovely cover! I'm eager to hear what the book is like.