Thursday, May 26, 2011

Well, That Was an Experience.

Ferris Wheel at Wonderland Pier
Ocean City NJ boardwalk ~ July 2010
Photo taken by me.

When the BlogHer people email you to say they'll be featuring your post on their site, all you can do is this: buckle up, get out your Teflon suit, and hold on for the ride.

Having my writing broadcast in this way is uncharted territory for me and my little blog, which had nearly 500 hits yesterday due to the BlogHer appearance. (To put it in perspective, about 40-50 folks stop by on a regular day.)  So, this is new.  Most of the time, I feel like I'm talking to myself.

I appreciate the respectful (with the exception of one troll) commentary here and on the BlogHer site, and I'm grateful for those who have shared their professional and personal experiences.

I wrote that post from a place of raw emotion (as I write most of my posts, quite honestly) and from months of seeing photos of an always smiling and obviously thriving baby girl in the arms of two loving people who I've known for more than 20 years. It's really hard to think of anyone more deserving of this little girl than these two, and frankly? It's hard to think of another couple with the strength and the love to withstand such an ordeal.  (Because, you know, this parenthood gig can get messy under the best of circumstances and you need your Teflon suit if you're going to play in this sandbox.)

I wish every one of you who have been following this story could meet my friends and could see Baby G. with them for even five minutes.

I wish you could see the love they have, in such abundance and in such grace.

I wish Oprah could have one more encore show where she would sit down with my friends and hear their story and cry with them.

I wish you could see the large, loving, Irish Catholic family that embraced Baby G. even before she was born.

I wish you could see the community of friends, bonded since college days two decades ago, who are coming together once again (as we have sadly done in the past, also with a sad outcome) to rally around and care for one of our own. 

So I'm coming at this from that perspective - the simple one of seeing this couple's love for this little girl and each other.  I'm not looking at laws and rights.  I'm looking at this from what's best for a 6 month old little girl.

And knowing what I know (some of which can't be shared publicly), it is incredibly hurtful and hard to understand how the foster care system - followed by a broken home of very young individuals - will lead to a better life than with people who have already proven their love for her, who have proven that they will walk into the fire again and again for her, for the rest of her life and theirs.

I'm not convinced - and no law will ever prove to me otherwise - that anyone else lucky enough to raise Baby G. will do the same.

"May your strength give us strength
May your faith give us faith
May your hope give us hope
May your love give us love."

"Into the Fire" ~ Bruce Springsteen

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Hillary said...

well done =)


Kelly said...

I am so sorry for your friends...and even for their friends/family that love them so much. I cannot imagine the gut-wrenching heartache from this sort of situation. It's such a sticky thing, so many gray areas. When we fostered 7yrs ago we would have adopted on the spot, instead an awesome kid bounced around in the system for six more years before he was finally adopted, but not before so much extra baggage added in the mix. There are no easy answers, there is heartache for several families on several levels I imagine. Praying for baby Gia to be loved and protected no matter where she ends up and praying for Donna & Steve to find strength, peace, growth and faith in the midst of such a horrible nightmare of a situation.

Melissa said...

So sad. :-(

Kelly Garriott Waite said...

Congratulations on syndication!
I left you a Versatile Blogger Award on my site.
kelly garriott waite

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Congratulations on the Blog Her post!