Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brain Freeze (or, Proof That SpongeBob Hasn't Yet Absorbed My Kid's Every Brain Cell.)

This morning, when I opened the freezer to make the kids a gourmet breakfast grab the microwavable pancakes, I was greeted by this:

(Kindly ignore the pink encrusted Pepto-Bismol looking crap on my freezer shelf, whatever the hell it may be.)  The drawing, however, was unmistakably Boo's handiwork. 

"Boo?" I called.  "Um ... what's this in the freezer?"

"It's a science experiment!" he replied gleefully.  "I wanted to see what happens if I put a cartoon in the freezer."

"What did you think would happen?"  I asked, amazed that the words "science experiment" actually made it into this house this summer.  (If Boo had his way, it would be all SpongeBob all the time 'round here. Which it pretty much is close to being, but WHATEVER.)

"Maybe he would grow icicles?"

(Yes, I admit, I initially mis-heard icicles as part of the male anatomy and was wondering why we were hypothesizing that a cartoon character could grow a pair.)

We pulled out the paper to discover, alas, there were no icicles (or anything else) to be had.  This clone of Mr. Snowmiser was just cold.  And a bit ... well ... limp.

But the hypothesis did prove one thing: this is proof that there were obviously some educational-related brain cells still functioning on this, our 19th day of summer vacation. (Not like I'm counting or anything like that. Nope. Not me.)

So, take that, SpongeBob. You haven't completely gotten my boy.


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Amy said...

Aww that is both cute and hilarious! Would have been hilarious to draw on some icicles quick ;) (This is why I don't have kids.)

Kelly said...

Sounds like life at my house..."science experiments" everywhere I turn. Only instead of Spongebob the current obsession here is backyardigans.

Jenny said...

Funny and smart. I love it! :-)

Alison said...

Oh my lord, I wish the cartoon had grown testicles. That is awesome. It's an awesome experiment, and a very funny mis-hearing.

I'm just me... said...

LOVE the experiment!

K A B L O O E Y said...

Did you look reeeeally closely? I think he is growing a little pair.