Sunday, June 12, 2011

Catching the Smell and Sound of the Sea (or, Why We Love It Here)

Duck in the back bay, Strathmere, NJ ~ 6/10/2011

Why we love it here:

"Tucked between Ocean City and Sea Isle, Strathmere - less than two miles long and only a few blocks wide - has no boardwalk, no amusements, not even a gas station where people might be tempted to stop, just rows of old-style Jersey Shore homes catching the smell and sound of the sea." (pg. 218)

"When I asked one woman what it takes to live in a place like Strathmere in the winter, she had questions of her own. 'Are you odd? Are you different? This town's been known for that for years. We don't fit into a pattern, and we don't particularly like people who do. Which is lovely.'

Such sentiments may seem queer and elitist. But if we are honest, there is some misanthrope in us all. Even within the treasured confines of love and family, we often wish to be alone." (pg. 223)

from Off Season: Discovering America on Winter's Shore, by Ken McAlpin

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Elizabeth said...

I love the sound of that -- the photo is beautiful, too.