Wednesday, June 8, 2011

(Nowhere Near a) Wordless Wednesday: The Last Day

This is, apparently, a Last Day of School tradition at my kids' school.

I picked up Betty and Boo this afternoon and noticed more people than usual on the school grounds.  They were gathered around the buses and teachers were spilling out of their classrooms.  The principal was coordinating instructions via a walkie-talkie. 

And then this scene. 

People waving from porches across the street.  All the teachers together on the lawn, applauding the kids as they waved to each other, the kids hanging out of the bus windows, cheering wildly. The buses rolling out of the parking lot, the drivers honking their horns repeatedly, for the last time until September.  A few started singing "na na na na! na na na na! hey, hey, hey, goodbye!"

 I never knew they did this. I'm usually not at the last day of school because I'm usually not unemployed. I have it on good authority (two older students who brought their dog to witness the festivities) that this does, in fact, happen every year.

I admit, I kind of welled up a bit.  Partially because my kids are going into fourth grade next year - fourth grade! - and partially because it won't be here.  And even though here isn't perfect (not by any means) and even though here has been really very tough in many ways, and even though good things are waiting for us there, for one moment this felt like a piece of the American dream, like savoring a slice of small town Americana pie at its best. 

Boo and Betty, on their way.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, happy end of summer day. What a wonderful tradition. Maybe you can start it in your new school!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

That's a wonderful tradition. Our son goes to a small private school. We cook hot dogs and have a picnic on the grounds the last day of school. I love it.

The Torg said...

Our oldest is heading into kindergarten next year. I emphasize with your bittersweet happiness. They grow up fast, durn it!



Melissa said...

The same thing happens at my kids' school, and I tear up every year. It was baaad last year when my oldest graduated 5th grade. I'm a crier by nature, but stuff like this really gets me going. LOL!

Niksmom said...

I admit, this made me tear up a bit. *sniffle*