Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Slink-itty Sound in the Unemployment Office Restroom

A blogger always needs to be prepared, especially when one's travels take one to the unemployment office. 

Which is where, this afternoon, I saw four hours of my life slowly slink by.  At one point during the snail's pace of the proceedings, I needed to use the facilities ... of which there was only one.  (One bathroom! To put in perspective of how many people there were, I was #94 in the group of recession-from-hell statistics that gathered on uncomfortable blue chairs, awaiting our number to be up.)

But, humor relief was in sight, as I spotted this as I dried my hands. 

Allow me to translate these deep thoughts:

People are like stained glass
They sparkle and shine when the
sun is out. But when the darkness
sets in, their beauty can only be
seen when there is a light
from within -
The Bathroom Bandit ~

The Bandit's prose was answered (on the side of the hand dryer) with this:

And then some people are like 'slinkys' -
not good for much, but they still make you smile
when you push them down a flight of stairs.  

Here's hoping that my next job doesn't take me into the next cubicle as that guy. 

(Actually, I'm not sure I want to be coworkers with stained-glass gal either.) 

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avisannschild said...

I've heard that first quote before -- the Bathroom Bandit was quoting Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (according to Google anyway). Yikes to that second quote!

Four hours!! Thank goodness for humour relief in the unemployment office -- and I hope you brought a good book with you! (I'm sorry to hear you lost your job, by the way -- I'm not sure I said that before.)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, my god -- that's awesome. All of it. I'm sorry you're having to be there and I do hope something works out for you and for all the others. Crazy times we live in.

Melissa said...

LOL! Hilarious . . . and not a little scary. I wouldn't want to be standing next to that person at the top of a flight of stairs. Yikes!

Meg said...

Yeah, stained glass lady would be tough to take before your morning cup of coffee! As would unhappy Slinky dude (or dudette). Oh, coworkers.

Ash said...

This is hilarious. I wrote an essay my freshman year of college about bathroom writing, this would have been a great addition.

christina said...

Freakin' hysterical. said...

You are a true blogger, having your camera with you. I always forget mine. I bow to you :).