Thursday, July 21, 2011

Into the Fire: My Weekly Recap and Ramblings About Rescue Me

For those who missed it last week, this is my weekly feature where I talk Rescue Me.  Spoilers abound, so read at your own risk if you are not caught up to this week's episode.  Otherwise, keep back 500 feet. If you missed my profound thoughts on last week's season premiere, go here ... and then come back.

All right, you've been warned.

So.  Maybe it's because I wasn't drinking my beverage of choice (Mike's Hard Black Cherry Lemonade, baby!) while watching this episode, but this one fell kinda flat for me.  Have I mentioned how much I am not liking this sisterly-bonding crap, particularly with Janet and Sheila?  Yes, I believe I have.

The stereotypical scene with them all having their periods (well, except for Janet, obviously), and crying, and inhaling chocolate, and Tommy in "the vagina aisle" of the store was horribly acted, fucking ridiculous (and borderline insulting, but then again we are talking Rescue Me) and completely unoriginal.

Same with the guys playing Keystone Cops in yet another medical facility. I actually wondered for a moment if this was some sort of flashback from when they bailed Lou out of the hospital, but apparently not.  It just seemed like filler to me.  And what kind of doctor looks at the real Lou sitting in front of him and buys the story that he weighs 165 pounds?  One that clearly needs his eyes checked.

But I was delighted to see Maura Tierney make a re-appearance.  I just love her character on this show. Perhaps we can surmise where this is going: Tommy falls for her all over again and once again needs to deal with losing someone he cares about.  I also think the "legacy" theme could have been explored a little more in depth. Regardless, I'd like her to stick around a bit.  She's the only intelligent female on the show, for God sakes.

I'm a huge Sinatra fan, so I the ending made me smile.  But the obvious Frank song to use was not "I've Got the World on a String."  Nope.

Definitely should have used "That Old Black Magic" instead.

"I hear your name and I'm aflame
Aflame with such a burning desire
That only your kiss can put out the fire
'Cause you are the lover I have waited for
The mate that fate had me created for
And every time your lips meet mine
Darling, down and down I go
Round and round I go
In a spin, loving the spin that I'm in
Under that old black magic called love." 

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