Thursday, July 14, 2011

Into the Fire (or, my new weekly feature in which I talk about "Rescue Me".)

OK, people ... I want to talk "Rescue Me" with those of you who are so inclined.   And yes, I plan on making this a weekly thing.  I'm calling it INTO THE FIRE, for the Springsteen song, 'cause I'm creative and shit like that. 

(But first, a word about that photo. I LOVE this photo.  It's one of my favorites among the many, many thousands I've taken. This was from an event in October 2010 at a firehouse in Lewes, Delaware and they had moved the racks of coats towards the windows to make more room for the event set-up.  The blue sky, the symbolism of this in relation to 9/11 with the firemen being trapped inside but at the same time forever in the brotherhood of the firehouse... well, I just love this one.) 

Which makes it fitting (if I do say so myself) to talk about the last night's final Season Premiere of "Rescue Me."  If you're a fan and haven't seen the episode or aren't caught up to Season 7, feel free to skip this post and move on with your day.  I won't be offended. I mean, I can count on one hand the number of TV shows I currently watch, and I'd be pissed if someone spoiled them for me (I hear you laughing, my Darling Husband).  


So, last call, people.  KEEP BACK 500 FEET. Any speculation about what might or might not happen are my own theories, not based on anything else.

OK, so we're all good here?  Good.  Now, I missed episodes 7-10 of Season 6 (Netflix had already pissed me off about not having this, so with their rate hikes on top of that, I'm cancelling my membership.)  But from the recaps last night, I've surmised 4 critical things: 1) Damien was badly injured in a fire; 2) Tommy was, as per usual, responsible; 3) Sheila lost her shit, as per usual and 4) Damien now has a brain injury and Sheila is, as per usual, delusional about the reality of the situation.  Oh, and that Janet and Tommy's little no-strings-attached deal has produced The Baby That Will Of Course Be the Emotional Replacement for Connor.

Did I miss anything?

1. All right, then. First off.  DAMIEN!  God, this is heartbreaking to watch ... but it's going to be interesting to watch how Michael Zegen grows as an actor in this role. I think this has some potential for him, professionally. I was a little disappointed to read that he wasn't happy about the changes in his character.  If I was his agent or manager or something, I would be suggesting that he spend some time at a rehabilitation center for people with brain injuries.  It could also be a good catalyst for him to do some charitable work in that area, but it seems like he's not personally ready for that. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe he already has or has plans to do so.  Whatever.

BUT. I will say this.  I would really, really, really love to see a scene where perhaps Tommy is out with Damien somewhere, pushing his wheelchair, and someone calls Damien a "r****d." Hell, he doesn't even have to be out with Damien someplace; he just needs to be at a bar (yes, definitely a bar) where another person calls someone that despicable word and then, then, all of a sudden Tommy Gavin GETS IT. Tommy's been fast and furious with his (almost excessive at times) use of that word on the show, a quality of Rescue Me that I have personally struggled with and cringed at every time. I think this would speak volumes for Denis Leary's character (his real one, his soul) if such a scene were to be written into the script.  It would demonstrate that Leary, himself, does in fact get it, which he hasn't always done. 

2. What's with this bullshit of Janet and Sheila being BFFs??   I'm so not liking this grief bonding of the babes.  I'm just NOT.  Give me a good old-fashioned, down and dirty catfight with those two any day over their junior high school style giggling over Tommy's various anatomical assets. This whole "sisterhood" shit with them is not flying with me. Also? My prediction/what I'd like to see? Since this is the last season, Janet dies in childbirth. Or in some kind of accident. Tommy can't cope with raising two kids under 3 alone and he gives The New Connor to Colleen and Shawn to raise. Which, of course, would not be pretty because it would be Tommy and Janet all over again, but with the roles reversed.
3. Colleen and Sean (how does he spell his name?).  Love that they're getting married.  Knew that her working in a bar was a bad idea. Was kind of thinking/hoping/wishing that Tommy would have seen the ring on Colleen's finger when he found her passed out in the back room.  I think the writers missed an opportunity there, 'cause that could have been good. 

4. Best Line goes to Sheila with her remark (I can't find the exact quote) about "you kidnap one baby and everyone thinks you're a criminal," or something to that effect.  A close runner up is Tommy suggesting "Yoga? Pilates? Goddamn Facebook?"  to Uncle Teddy when he says he needs something to keep things interesting. 

5. Funniest Scene: When Tommy is on the hood of Janet's car and lands in front of her ob-gyn doctor.  Hilarious.  And classic.  And so very Tommy and Janet. 

Overall, I think this season is off to a good start. The Sheila/Janet bonding is a bit too jump the sharkish for my tastes but if they can get that nonsense remedied, then we're good.  

OK, your turn. If you watch Rescue Me and saw last night's season's premiere, I wanna know what you thought.  C'mon, c'mon ....

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