Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Library Loot: August 10-16 (First Impressions, Perhaps a Record for Getting a New Library Card, and This Week's Loot)

48 hours.

That's how long it took us to get a library card after we moved here last week.

I drove back east to pick up the kids last Wednesday, stayed overnight at my mom's, and we were back here in the 'Burgh on Thursday.  By Saturday morning, Betty and I were at the circulation desk of our new library, signing up for cards.

Not only that, we've visited that particular branch as well as another one.  (That was on Monday.)

So far, my first impressions of the new libraries are good ones - despite the culture shock of the amount of books we're permitted to have checked out per card.  We're limited to a mere 25 books per card. Now, for some of you, I know that's a perfectly acceptable and reasonable amount - and I agree.  But ... but ... you have to understand that we're coming from a library system that allowed us to have - wait for it - 99 BOOKS OUT PER CARD.

I. KNOW!  Library bliss, right?  (Truth be told, it did have its downside; I spent more time looking for library books than I care to admit.  There were times when Betty and I had close to 200 books out between us, which is utter craziness. Hopefully now that will be reduced ... as will our former library's circulation statistics, no doubt.)

This just means we'll have to read faster.  And maybe make more visits, so we can return more books quickly.  Such hardship we will have to live with, I suppose.

But the staff is just as friendly as the folks we left behind in Delaware (and really, in my opinion, the vast majority of library people - of which I was one, once upon a time - ROCK).  In our nearest library, we were surprised to find two gorgeous birds in the children's room (caged, of course).  There is a lovebird in the most spectacular shade of soft blue that I've ever seen as well as a multi-colored parakeet.   My aspiring veterinarian, Betty, fell immediately in love.

And at the other library that we visited on Monday, we met the children's librarian who immediately seemed to "get" Boo (who, being quite the very reluctant reader this summer, wanted absolutely nothing to do with the library whatsoever).  We learned that she is the former school librarian (budget cuts, thank you Governor of Pennsylvania) at the very school where Betty and Boo will be attending school, so she was telling us about the school and the various teachers they might get.  She was a delight and the epitome of all that a children's librarian should be (as opposed to the children's librarian at our most frequented branch in Delaware, who was a bit on the Cruella deVille side.)

Anyway, so between the two library visits, here's my loot for this week:

Bird in a Box, by Andrea Davis Pinkney 
Small as an Elephant, by Jennifer Richard Jacobson
Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter, by Tom Franklin
April and Oliver, by Tess Callahan
Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen
The Years, by Virginia Woolf
Suffer the Children: The Case Against Labeling and Medicating and an Effective Alternative, by Marilyn Wedge
Do More Than Give: The Six Practices of Donors Who Change the World, by Leslie R. Crutchfield, John V. Kania, and Mark R. Kramer
In Our Time: Memoir of a Revolution, by Susan Brownmiller 

The first two are juvenile fiction books, definitely out of my usual reading preferences.  But I've been known to read such when they look particularly interesting and these two intrigue me.  Freedom and Suffer the Children were both ones that I had out from our previous library and had to return unread.  And In Our Time has been on my want-to-read list for an eternity, so I was thrilled to see that!

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K A B L O O E Y said...

I would definitely hot a library within a few days of moving, that or a local bookstore. But man, that's a LOT of pages to read in a month. And I'm fast. Impressive haul.

Melissa said...

Well, they CAN be renewed .... :)

Elizabeth said...

I envy anyone getting to read Virgina Woolf's The Years for the first time!

Alyssa from Hunger Games Summary said...

Make sure you will pay a good amount of attention to Freedom, it's an amazing book.

thecaptivereader said...

I would certainly be in trouble with a 25 book limit! I'm very much of the 'check everything out and then sift through to find what is actually readable' school of thought.

Enjoy your loot!

nomadreader said...

I'm always quick to get a library card too. When we moved in June, I had one in two days too (and I *still* don't have my driver's license.) Enjoy your library!