Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Sunday Salon: Best Laid Plans

Is it wrong of me to admit that I was kind of hoping for a rainy Sunday?  All my errands were done yesterday (yay, go me!) and I wanted an excuse to be a reading-and-blogging-coffee-sipping-couch-potato for the day.

(Apparently, the Weather Gods read my blog ... because a pop-up thunderstorm has just literally rolled in. Um ... yeah, I didn't mean a freakin' biblical monsoon.)

I'm hoping to spend some time finishing up my reading of Do More Than Give: The Six Practices of Donors Who Change the World, by Leslie R. Crutchfield, John V. Kania, and Mark R. Kramer. It's about how philanthropists who truly make an impact on the world do so by focusing their giving on one problem or issue, and directing their contributions to that particular cause.  The book gives many examples of people who have done that (and who are doing that) and how they've been able to make a difference through advocacy and leveraging corporate know-how and resources.

Granted, this one isn't probably going to be of much interest to most folks outside of the philanthropic world, and that's fine. Truthfully, it's a little slow going and repetitive in parts.  When I saw this at the library, I thought it would behoove me to read something current in my field. I guess it helped because it allowed me to drop the phrase "catalytic philanthropist" during a job interview on Friday, which hopefully made me sound intelligent and articulate.

(The interview, BTW, went incredibly well.  It's a departure from what I'd envisioned and planned on doing - launching my own business as a fundraising consultant - and it is a bit of a salary hit from what I was making in my last two jobs, but I believe that opportunities come our way for a reason.  If it works out - which I'm optimistic that it might - this looks like an interesting one.  Plus, there's the small matter of the economy teetering on a second recession, and millions of people being out of work, and The Husband and I needing to feed two kids (and ourselves), and all of a sudden the best laid plans don't quite matter so much anymore, do they?)

I've had some tossing up in the air of my best laid reading plans, too. This week I've gone from being all ho-hum, whaddo I read next? to holy guacamole, I got books (and read-alongs, and e-galleys, and review committments) out the wazoo.

This is all my doing.  You see, I done went and signed myself up for NetGalley (because our library is a bit lacking in the new books department) and promptly requested something ridiculous like 10 books.  How the hell did I know I was going to get all of them except The Night Circus?  (Which I really, really wanted, BTW, but shrugs  ....) Fortunately, some of them are already published and some have October publication dates, so I'm not too concerned.  Yet.

I'm participating in the upcoming blog tour for Irma Voth by Miriam Toews, and I just signed onto Florinda's read-along of The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.  (The latter is a re-read for me, but I haven't read it since college.)

All this isn't doing too much to reduce the number of TBR books on my shelves - which I am committed to doing because there is simply not enough space in this apartment for the books I selectively brought with me (not to mention the dozens of boxes of my books in storage) - and I really don't want to have to pay to move any more books than I have to.  (I'm hoping that Bookalicious's September is for Reading Your Own Books Month will help with this.)

I did just start listening to one of my TBRs, Jacquelyn Mitchard's A Theory of Relativity, on audio. Not sure if I'm going to continue with this one or not. (I suspect that for me, Mitchard falls into the same category of authors as Anita Shreve and Jodi Picoult, both of whom I tend to be kind of meh about.) I'll decide after Tuesday, when I'll have a chance to listen to it when I head Downtown again for a second interview for this potential job.

What are your reading plans this Sunday?  Or for this week?  (The weather seems to be wishy-washy on its plans too.  In the two hours it has taken me to write this post, it has gone from cloudy and overcast, to partly sunny, to a monsoon, to a drizzling rain, back to cloudy and overcast again, to an all-so-brief thunderstorm, to more downpours, to barely raining with sun shining.)

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Amy said...

I don't think you're wrong for wanting a rainy day at all! I wish for that all the time, but I normally get the burning sun :(

Elisabeth said...

We have had off and on thunderstorms all day but between the crossword puzzle and reading all the blogs I follow, I have not had any time to read, darn it all!

I am listening to The Pioneer Woman by Ree Drummond and reading Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl for the "What's In A Name Challenge"! Hoping to read when I get into bed tonight! said...

I would have stopped by sooner, but I was reading (The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly) and now I'm watching AcornOnline (Brother Cadfael: One Corpse Too Many). Like where you are, it's been raining here most of the day -- about three to four hours to your east, and was a beautiful day for reading.

The rest of the week? I plan on reading some more of my own books, if books from the library don't come in again.

Best of luck on your job search and glad to hear the interview went well. Keep us posted on what happens next...