Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Sunday Salon: We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Reading

It's kind of a cloudy and very humid Sunday here, and rain looks like it is in our foreseeable future. We'd tentatively planned on going to the Pirates game, but since the weather looks iffy, we're just hanging out at home. Which is perfectly fine with me. A lazy day with a little unpacking, a little reading (of books and of blogs) is exactly what's needed after this crazy and exhausting week.

As our days in Delaware dwindled down to a precious few, I was trying to finish Pamela Haag's Marriage Confidential: The Post-Romantic Age of Workhorse Wives, Royal Children, Undersexed Spouses, and Rebel Couples Who Are Rewriting the Rules.  I was really enjoying this one, but ran out of time to finish it, thanks to being sidelined with a migraine last weekend and the packing that needed to be finished during the couple hours that I was feeling somewhat better. (The Husband absolutely rocked the last minute packing, if I do say so myself.)  So, back to the library it went unfinished, but I figured that I would just get it via our new library here.  (More on that in a bit.)

Times like this week, when I ping-ponged between both ends of this state, was when the Kindle proved to be worth every penny.  I spent what little reading time I had with this week's (August 8) issue of The New Yorker.  (Nicholas Schmidle's article "Getting Bin Laden" is an absolute must-read, especially coming on the heels of the Navy SEALs being shot down this weekend in Afghanistan.)  I'm hoping to finish this issue today and perhaps start one of my new library books (probably Love Invents Us by Amy Bloom or Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen.  I'm in the mood for something on the lighter side.)

Yes, that's right.  We've been here five days and Betty and I already have new library cards. It was one of the first things we had to do, Betty insisted. (I was too, truth be told.  There are few things better than discovering a new library.) Boo's not too interested in the library (to my dismay, he has become a reluctant reader) and neither is The Husband, so this has kind of become our one-on-one time.

We haven't been able to do this as much over the past five months, so we were thrilled to resume this routine. We went over to our local branch yesterday and left quite impressed. Like most of Pennsylvania's libraries, the effects of the budget cuts are evident (particularly with the new books, which was a little disappointing) but otherwise, it is a gorgeous facility - one that is home to two birds in the children's room.  There's a parakeet and a lovebird there, and Betty became fast friends with them.  There's also a Mother-Daughter Book Club, and we're going to look into participating in that as a way to meet some other folks in the area.  We're looking forward to checking out (pun intended) the Carnegie Library at some point too.

There are also a few bookstores here in Pittsburgh that I can't wait to visit.  Someday soon Betty and I are going to stop by the brand new (as of last weekend) East End Book Exchange.  It's what's known as a "pop-up bookstore," one that appears in different locations throughout the city each weekend. (Although it seems like they are working on getting a permanent spot in the Pittsburgh Public Market.) You can donate and/or trade books with them and I plan on doing exactly that.

This will probably make The Husband happy, since one of the realizations of this move was that I have way too many books. The TBR is getting a bit out of control (but is nothing compared to my scrapbooking obsession, which is another post altogether.) I knew of my TBR problem, obviously, and was being very conscientious about which books I chose to bring into the apartment and which ones went into storage. Space here is limited, and I vowed to only bring a shelf's worth of books. (Mind you, it is a triple-stacked shelf, but aesthetics don't matter.)  So imagine my delight - and The Husband's dismay - when we discovered that a total of 4 boxes of my TBR books arrived in the apartment by mistake!

Hope your Sunday is going well!

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Karen Harrington said...

I love that Betty wanted a library card so soon! That makes me smile. I've had the same experience with my Kindle - using it more when I'm on the go. Hope your move goes smoothly.

Trisha said...

Marriage Confidential sounds so fun. At least the subtitle makes it sound awesome. :) I hope you get to finish it and write up a review!

Lisa said...

When we moved to Pierre, in December, I put all our books in storage. They are still there! We've only used the library since getting here. I have a huge TBR, so many boxes, but all in storage. The only ones I miss are the ones that continue a series, but mostly I can even get those from the library. No idea what I'll do when I have room for them. I kind of LIKE the uncluttered shelves.

Florinda said...

I remember when a library card was one of my first priorities after a move; sadly, it isn't any more. I blame my commuting schedule and sub-par libraries.

And I'm with Trisha - I hope you do get the chance to finish and review Marriage Confidential - I am quite intrigued by the sound of that one!