Thursday, September 29, 2011

And You May Ask Yourself, How Did They Get Here?

Once again, kids, it's time to play "Search Terms That Led Someone to This Here Blog."  This never ceases to amuse me.  Hopefully that will be true for you, too.  

"microwave books to get rid of germs"
The main character in Lorrie Moore's A Gate at the Stairs (a book I didn't like by an author I love) does this.  She might have more detailed instructions than I do.

"and you wonder where the other shoe is"
Actually, the hell with where it is.  I'm usually wondering when it is going to fall.

"obamas crap on mccains cra game"
CRA game?  Is that similar to croquet?

"what the husband day"
Got me.  What does he day? 

"spanking Cassandra Campbell"
Um ... she's an excellent audiobook narrator.  No spanking needed.  

"Book stores and outlets carring book It Can Happen by Betty McInnis"
I'm not carring or carrying such a book, sorry.  Never even heard of it.  

"the girl sho chased the moon" 
You sho about that, darlin'?

"floppy kid syndrome goats"
Yeah, this gets me every time.  

"wrong the legendary queen of palmyra was called"
Girlfriend, I've been called much, much worse. 

"oompa loompa speech"

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nomadreader said...

Do you find yourself wondering why so many people find you through misspellings (I do!)