Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Has Been Lost

I wasn't going to blog any more about my friends' adoption case.  After my most recent post about it, I figured I had said all I needed to say. And then a gag order was issued in the case.

But that's been lifted now.  Because the case ended this afternoon.

Tonight, little 10-month old Baby G. is in foster care.

Tonight, little 10-month old Baby G. is 764 miles away from the house that she has known since her birth.

And tonight, little 10-month old Baby G. has been taken away from the only two people she knows as her parents.

Baby G.'s in foster care tonight because a judge decided that is a better life for her while her biological father finishes his jail sentence and regains custody.

Sleep well, judge.

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Elizabeth said...

Holy shit.

I am so sorry.

Anonymous said...

I've tried to follow this case but other than your posts and the facebook page haven't been able to find much information. My understanding is that the father wanted the baby to remain with his parents until he was released. I'm pretty sure that if that happened she would still be technically considered to be in the foster care system. Hoping that she is at least with them rather than just in the general foster care system. (sorry anon... having a terrible time with google) Clare

Book Dragon said...

exactly, Elizabeth.

stupid judge

Stephanie Baffone said...

It is outrageous. Simply outrageous. I just don't have any words. When does logic prevail or how about what is best for the baby??? My heart aches for Donna and Steve. It's unimaginable.

Anonymous said...

from what I read the baby was in foster care with non relatives for a few days, but is now living with relatives.