Saturday, October 22, 2011

Read-a-Thon Update: Hour 15

I can't decide whether I am truly tired ... or whether I am just emotionally spent(in a good way) from finishing my first Read-a-Thon book. (Yes, look at me.  I finished a book!)

It's probably a bit of both, so I'm going to go with the latter and push on a little bit longer with Questioning Walls Open, a poetry collection by Jennifer Hill Kaucher.  Then, I'll probably be calling it a day. (Or night.)

Total Hours Read Thus Far:  5.5 (it feels like much more, though)

Books Started and Finished: You Are My Only, by Beth Kephart

Total Number of Pages Read: 252

Snacks Consumed Since Last Update: Tastykake Lemon Pie.

Beverages Consumed: Water

Oh, and if anyone is inclined to leave comments, my apologies in advance for having to turn the word verification back on.  I turn it off for Read-a-Thon days, and this time was no exception, but after the 3rd instance of spam in an hour, I'd had enough.  (What, do all the spammers have Read-a-Thon day marked on their calendar as a national holiday to bombard us all?)  Anyway, I'm sorry.  I just don't want to wake up tomorrow to all kinds of nonsense crap.

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Booksnyc said...

Tastykake - you are definitely in PA!

Hope you had a fun readathon day!

stacybuckeye said...

I can't believe I'm still awake at hour 18! Happy reading.

Kate@Midnight Book Girl said...

I'd rather deal with word verfication than have you get spammed!

I read You Are My Only just a few days ago. Had mixed feelings about it, but was interested enough to read all the way through!

Life is not a fairy tale,
but your Readathon can be one,
On a magic boat you'll take sail,
Reading is full of magic and fun!

gautami tripathy said...

You have done well. Keep it up!