Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Boo's Homework Assignment: Teddy Roosevelt and the Treasure of Ursa Major, by Ronald Kidd

Call me biased (and that's OK, because I've certainly been called worse) but my kid (that would be Boo) has been coming up with some amazing literary stuff these days.  (If you're my Facebook friend, you know that I've been featuring snippets of his work for the past week.)

And now here, tonight, comes this piece, which represents his BAM project.  BAM stands for Book-A-Month.  Each student selects a book of his or her choice based on a specified genre, reads it, writes up an "organizer" with questions, and completes some kind of written or artistic project related to the book.

This month's BAM was a historical fiction book, and Boo chose one that we have at home, Teddy Roosevelt and the Treasure of Ursa Major, by Ronald Kidd.  For his project, he had to write an "interview" with the characters.

Boo chose to do his as if it was an interview segment on the local news, featuring all of the characters from the book who appeared on the news to discuss their exploits.

He's allowed me to reprint his work here, and I've left the spelling and grammar alone. So sit back, enjoy, and watch me give this teacher hell if she doesn't give my kid an A on this.  Just kidding.


Live at 106 news about how Theodore Roosevelt and his kids found the Treasure of Ursa Major.

News Man: In 1901-1909, there were four kids that lived with their father, Theodore Roosevelt in the White House. There was James Roosevelt, Ethel Roosevelt, Kermit Roosevelt and the narrator of the book, Archie Roosevelt. From the cluttered study to the spooky attic, these four kids got on an exciting adventure in the White House. But the trouble coming their way was a ghost in the White House. Teddy Roosevelt and the Treasure of Ursa Major was based on a play produced by the Kennedy Center and the White House Historical Association that is touring across the country.

Archie: The Main Idea of the Text is how I (Archie) and my siblings get their hands on a treasure map, leading them to an extraordinary adventure. They also get help with the treasure hunt with a woman named Mrs. Duffit and the word “anagrams”

Kermit: the White House is where ALL of the Adventure takes place. It sometimes took place in Teddy Roosevelt’s office. Or it took place in the White House hallways.

News Man: I think the story is based on this character, Archie Roosevelt. Youngest of 3-4 Roosevelt Kids. He says “Before I found the treasure of Ursa Major, I was just Kermit, Ethel and maybe James’ young, useless brother.

Teddy Roosevelt: The problem of what the treasure hunt was about was that A ghost was in the white house. But Kermit, Ethel and Archie, the three bravest kids were able to find the treasure with help from me.

Kermit: I, Ethel and our younger brother Archie’s favorite part of the adventure/hunt was when we found out that we found a treasure map with rhymes.

News Man: Teddy Roosevelt, nicknamed the Roughrider helped his brave little boys & girls find the treasure that they have looked the entire time for. We now go live with our star of this hunt, Archie Roosevelt.

Archie: I, Archie Roosevelt found the end of this heroic adventure to be stunning. In conclusion, before the end I, Ethel and Kermit Roosevelt were just ordinary young kids of the president. That was until we found out a ghost was in the house?

News Man: What did you think the ghost looked liked Kermit?

Kermit: If you say “You aren’t afraid of ghosts”, your wrong-wrong-wrong. It was so scary that Archie was asking “I gotta change my trousers” it was hilarious and frightening at the same time.

New Man: So you think that the ghost in the White House was funny and scary?

Kermit: No. Archie saying that he needed to change his trousers was funny but the ghost was terrifying.

News Man: What happened before the ghost appeared?

Archie: There was a lady named Mrs. Duffit who was I think Dad’s butler or maid or someone who was really an actress in the White House but she told us that if we kept hunting for treasure there would be consequences.

Kermit: I hope that doesn’t give you the Itsy Bits. Anyway, moving on to the part where we found the Ghost. We found the ghost I think in the bed of Abraham Lincoln where Lincoln wasn’t there.

News Man: How can you prove that it was EXACTLY there? My viewers and audience want to know.

Teddy Roosevelt: If you don’t believe in my son I’ll show you. One of these pages shows one of the kids saying they found the ghost in the bed of Abraham Lincoln.

News Man: Last question but not least, what happened at the very end of the story/hunt/adventure?

Teddy Roosevelt: Mrs. Duffit proved she was an actress, Archie proves he isn’t a useless younger brother and I believe the ghost is gone.

News Man: Well that wraps up my interview with Teddy Roosevelt, Archie Roosevelt & Kermit Roosevelt. Live from 106 news and as the Spanish say, Adios.

Teddy, Archie & Kermit: Merry Christmas!

Updated on 12/22/2011 to add:  Boo got an A+.  

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Book Dragon said...

Wow. Just Wow.

And I'll help with the teacher if Boo doesn't get an A ;)

www.kerrieloganhollihan.com said...

May I introduce my book about Teddy Roosevelt to Boo?

It's Theodore Roosevelt for Kids: His Life and Times, published by Chicago Review Press.

Best wishes!