Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post on What I Am Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating such today!  (Sometimes I forget that I have an international audience here.)  Hopefully the day finds you relaxing and enjoying some good food, family and/or friends.

I was inspired to do my annual gratitude post in the style of Care, she of Care's Online Book Club who did her post in alphabetical order.

So, here goes.

I know I should probably say Autism or Asperger's for this one, but truth is that I'm not one of those people who is grateful for this.  I'm just ... not. What I am grateful for are the people who are in my life because of the autism, people who I wouldn't know if Boo didn't have this diagnosis, and the experiences I've had this year (lemon cake, anyone?) if it wasn't for autism.  If you're reading this and recognize yourself in this description, chances are it is you and the inspiration you provide as we journey down this road together that I am referring to.

Betty and Boo, for reasons that I mentioned here and then some.
Books, because where would we be (and what would I write about) without them?
Blogging, and for those of you who take time to read what I have to say.
Bloggers, because many of you have become treasured friends.

Coffee. And caffeine (but that's sort of redundant).
College (the one I was fortunate enough to attend), because as we far-flung alums have come together to support two of our own this year, that place has shown me how important and strong the bonds are among those of us who went there and what an important place it is to so many.

my Dad, because even though he left us way too soon, I'm grateful that I had him for the 15 years I did and that I'm able to remember him.

Electricity, because life is so much more convenient and easier with it.
Excedrin Migraine, when it works.  (That's a clue for it to start doin' its thing and start kickin' in ... annnnnytime now this morning.)

Facebook, because it allows me to keep in touch with the Family and Friends, and everyone else I ever said hello to.
Having enough Food to eat.

Baby G., whom I've never met (but hope to someday!) but who has taught me so many things and made me a more appreciative parent in the process.

(The) Husband, for all the reasons I listed here and then some.

Independent bookstores (like this one, Paper Kite Books in Kingston, PA) because I've met some of the nicest people in the ones that I've been fortunate to visit in my travels.

Insurance. Having it (medical, life, dental) when so many people do not.

Jobs.  The fact that both The Husband and I have one.  And because I know what it's like not to have one.
Jobs, Steve.  Because that gizmo of his called the iPod has made traveling in the car for 6 hours with two kids much, much more pleasant.

My Kindle. And whomever invented the Keurig.  (Yeah, these two both sound materialistic of me. But, what can I say? I am grateful for both of them.)

Having someone to Love.

(my) Mother. And my mother-in-law. And all the other mothers and mentors in my life.
(our) Military, their military families, and our veterans.

Nature. Because even though some of my travels for work are long (and early) ones, I've gotten to see some gorgeous parts of this state (and others) that I probably never would have otherwise.
(the) Navy SEALS, for their fine work of this past May ridding this earth of a hateful scourge.  (Yeah, I know some might say that I shouldn't be grateful that Osama is dead, but you know what? No apologies here.  I AM rather thankful for that and for those who made that happen.)

OnStar.  Because I would not have made it to half of my presentations and meetings in the most remote corners of this state (and others) without you, and because you are always there (especially at the hours of 5 a.m. as I'm leaving for said presentations).

Pittsburgh.  Everything about it, but especially the People who have welcomed us here and allowed us to start over, who made this transition a smooth one, and who took a chance on us professionally. (This photo was taken last weekend at the Carnegie Science Center.)

Photography, because even though I am an amateur (if that), it allows me to see this world from a different perspective.

Parenthood. I'm thinking of the show here (yeah, OK, and the real deal too) and how grateful I am that there is a show that "gets it," that portrays Asperger's as it really is.  I'm grateful for the Bravermans (and the Braverman I know in real life).

Quiet times, when our whole family is together, just hanging out.

Reading.  The ability to do so.  The freedom to select what we want to read.

Strathmere, specifically, my aunt and uncle who give us a week at their house there every year for our summer vacation and in so doing, have given my kids some awesome childhood memories.

My brother.

Unemployment benefits. Prior to June 1, 2011, I only needed unemployment one other time in my life (in 1998) and that was only for a grand total of a week before I got a new job. Obviously, that was many moons ago - personally, professionally, and economically speaking. Our world (personally and economically) has changed dramatically since then, and this time, the unemployment benefits were what helped to put food on our table every week, among other things. I'm grateful for that ... and for the blog fodder that I got from spending a whole afternoon in the unemployment office.

The fine folks at Valley Chevrolet in Wilkes Barre, PA for helping out someone (yours truly) who was six hours from home on a business trip and got a little panicked when her Check Engine light came on and wouldn't go off.  And who didn't charge me a single cent for checking out my HHR and putting it through "every test known to man."

West Virginia and having to go there for Work, because even though that was a hellacious trip driving-wise, it led to one of the highlights of my year (meeting my longtime pen-pal S.)

Um ... I don't really know.

You, for reading this blog.

For sleep and all of its restorative powers.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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rhapsodyinbooks said...

Lovely post! But what, not thankful for xylophones? Or x-rays? Or xeroxing? :--)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Trisha said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I think the X could be Xmas.... :)

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, I enjoyed this, and I especially applaud how you have found "fodder" for posts in the situations that might seem negative to some.

I vote for that perspective, too!

Florinda Pendley Vasquez said...

I'm grateful you were able to make it to the Book Blogger Convention this year :-). Love your list. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Cavalier92 said...

Great list! And thanks for all the blogging you do!

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

What a creative Thanksgiving list!! Love it!! After a day with a large family you could also be thankful for Xanax ;)

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Wow, great post.

I know what you mean about Autism or Aspergers. I wish my son didn't have it, but it is part of him. I really treasure the people we have met on the journey.

K - I'm with you on the Keurig and Kindle.

Jobs - Yep, I've been fortunate. Not everybody has been.

Pittsburgh - it has been on my bucket list for some time. I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

I hope that you and your family had a great Thanksgiving.