Saturday, December 24, 2011

Celebrate Me Home

Boo's thank you letter to Santa from 2010

Just wanted to take a moment to wish all of my blog readers who are celebrating Christmas today and tomorrow a very happy holiday.  We're back in Philadelphia for several days, living the true meaning of "home for the holidays." *

It has been a great, relaxing vacation thus far. The kids are beyond excited, the presents are all bought (as of this morning when I did a final Christmas Eve shopping run) and wrapped, the weather is more than cooperating (i.e., there's no snow!), and everyone is healthy. We're really lucky that both of our families not only live in the Philadelphia area but live within a 10 minute drive of each other.  We're spending Christmas Eve at my in-laws' tonight, watching our Eagles and having dinner and dessert, and we'll go back to my mom's tonight where Santa is scheduled to arrive after midnight. 

Later in the vacation, several get togethers with friends are scheduled and we're looking forward to seeing everyone. My reading mojo has even returned (yay!) and in my downtime, I've been spending some time with A Clockwork Christmas, a new anthology from Carina Press of four steampunk novellas that each have some connection to Christmas.  This is the first steampunk anything I've ever read, and I must say, if the first story ("Crime Wave in a Corset" by Stacy Gail") is any indication of what this genre is like, I could see myself liking this genre.  I'm trying to be more diligent about my NetGalley commitments, of which this was one. 

I hope that whatever you're doing this weekend that it involves people you love and doing the things you love. Thanks so much for reading the blog and for all your support this year. Merry merry and happy happy!

* = less Internet time than usual

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rhapsodyinbooks said...

What a cute letter! Have a wonderful holiday!

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Merry Christmas to you as well, Melissa!! Enjoy your family!! :)

stacybuckeye said...

Hope you have the merriest of Christmases :)

Elisabeth said...

Hope you have a very Happy Holidays!

Silsbee said...

Merry Christmas! :)