Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stickin' a Fork in the 2011 Reading Challenges

I've been agonizing over my reading challenges for the last several days.

I tend to do this when I have big stuff on my mind - you know, things like a major holiday (Christmas), a death in the family (my grandmother), projects for work. I zoom in and focus on the minutia, the tiny details of life, because the big stuff ... well, because sometimes the big stuff is just too big.

I'm really close to being finished with both the Reading Madly challenge as well as the Southern Literature challenges (2 books left for each of them) yet I can't seem to decide on books for either, and the thought of being obligated to read four books in the next 9 days is a little daunting, and that has me frozen in place, unable to pick up ANY book.  I'm not kidding; I haven't picked up ANYTHING to read since our car ride home from Philadelphia on Sunday, which is highly unlike me.

Which also means that I'm way, way, way overthinking this, and that there's only one solution:

To stick a fork in this year in terms of the reading challenges.

After all, chances are that the same challenges will still be here in 2012.  I know the books will be.

So, without further ado, here's how I fared with my 14 challenges that I signed myself up for around this time last year.  Dare I say, it was a very good year (bookishly speaking, that is).

Challenges Completed (9 out of 14)
2nds Challenge
Audiobook Challenge
E-book Challenge
Essay Reading Challenge
GLBT Challenge
Memorable Memoir
New Authors
Nordic Challenge
What's in a Name 4

Challenges Failed (5 out of 14)
50 States
Foodies Reading Challenge
Reading Madly
Southern Literature
Where Are You Reading?

I'm signing up for many of these again - and then some. I think I'm up to something ridiculous like 19 or 20 challenges now.  (Unlike a lot of posts I've seen about bloggers being burnt out on challenges, I'm not. This was the first year I participated in this many challenges and I found I actually kind of liked it.  What can I say - I like the keeping track and the statistics and the listmaking that's involved in all of this.)

How about you? Are you still going strong with any challenges for 2011? Or have you wrapped up your year too?

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Amused said...

I just wrapped up mine yesterday and like you, there were some I couldn't finish but many more that I did! Congrats on doing so well this year and maybe will be doing some challenges together next year!

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

I think you've made a wise decision to just call it a year and look toward the next one. I won't succeed at all mine either...but that's ok. I'm signing up again! :) I probably won't post my final post until the first of the year.

Book Dragon said...


Love the "stickin' a fork" title. I'm so done with 2011 and getting my 2012 list ready. Over thinking and agonizing over which ones I should join. There are way too many good ones out there. I know I've joined a couple that I won't complete :-( but several others are "read 1-3" so I should do okay.

I'm not burned out, yet. I too "like the keeping track and the statistics and the list making that's involved in all of this." Right now, I'm making lists of TBR books that fit the challenges!

I posted a wrap-up for 2011. It was an eyeopener for me, didn't realize I had joined 42 challenges!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

I totally understand the impulse to focus on the small and mundane when the big-picture worries are just too much to deal with. I was mess like that when we moved earlier this year. I can't remember the crazy stuff I was freaking out about, but I know it was tiny.

Nine of 14 challenges completed is nothing to scoff at!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I'm in awe of you. I didn't burn out on challenges I just couldn't keep pace with them. I love the thought of them. I might try them again.

Teresa said...

You did a great job completing 9 of them. Congratulations! I have heard a couple of bloggers comment that they were burnt out on challenges as well. I haven't felt that way yet. I feel like they give me a little bit of guidance when I have the option of picking something up just because. Of course there is always the fun challenge of picking up a book and seeing what challenge you can fit it into. You also mentioned the lists. Love making the lists! I'm such a nerd.

Sue Jackson said...

WOW...14 challenges? WoW! This is the first year I did any challenges at all, and I just picked two very flexible ones because I like to have a lot of freedom to choose what to read next based on mood. But I am considering maybe signing up for a couple next year. Guess I need to decide this week :)

Congratulations on all your accomplishments - I'm impressed!