Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reduce, Recycle, Redux

Really, it is kind of unbelievable how much stuff a family can accumulate in just 8 months.  I mean, right up until the very day we moved here, I was practically a weekly visitor to our Goodwill location in Delaware. It got to the point that the guy at the donation drop off saw my car rounding the corner and knew it was going to be The Chick Who Was Moving to Pittsburgh.

Now that we're moving into our new house in just two weeks, history's repeating itself.

What I donated today. *
Don't. Give. Me. The. Look. Snoopy.



I'm sorry, didn't we just do this purging thing?

Why, yes, we apparently did.  On March 8, 2011.

Now back to the packing ... and making sure all felines are accounted for before sealing up the boxes.

An "everything but the kitchen sink" (obviously) box that I packed earlier this evening.

* Donated items .... because I lost ALL MY ITEMIZED DONATION LISTS when we went to do this year's taxes and lo and behold, I remember that I BLOGGED ALL MY DECLUTTERING SKILLZ and all of a sudden when the blog becomes the source of a POTENTIAL TAX DEDUCTION then The Husband has a newfound appreciation and love and respect for such trivial blog entries such as this. Yay me.

What I donated today:

Boys clothing:
28 shirts/t-shirts
16 tank tops
1 pair jeans
4 pairs of shorts
2 pairs of dress pants
2 dress shirts
2 winter coats
1 sweater vest
4 pairs of pants

Girls Clothing
2 dresses
1 pair of jeans
1 winter coat
1 light jacket
6 shirts/tops
2 pairs of shoes

Women's Clothing
3 shirts
2 jackets
1 skirt
1 suit
1 cardigan set
2 pairs of boots

1 Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal
1 Snoopy stuffed animal (yep, he made it into the store after all)
1 doll

1 Baby Einstein/Baby Van Gogh

1 children's book about Passover

Household items
1 Dora the Explorer vanity table

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Lisa said...

I did the same thing with our second move too.

Peggy Ann said...

We're not moving, not yet, but this is making me itchy to dig in and throw out! Why is it so hard to let go of anything?!