Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Sunday Salon: Another Read-a-Thon in The Books

Along with hundreds of other bloggers, I participated in yesterday's 24-Hour Read-a-Thon event, which was (as always) incredibly well organized and great fun. I want to give a shout-out to all the coordinators for making this such a wonderful event.  It takes a lot of work to pull this off, and I think sometimes it is easy to overlook that from behind our computer screens, believing that everything just magically happens.  So, thank you for a job (once again) well done! 
This was my best Read-a-Thon yet, with 3 books read. That's a record for me. I need to give major props to The Husband for that. I mentioned in one of my Read-a-Thon updates that he truly understood how much I needed this day, that it was a major stress reliever for me. We recently moved into our new house, so there is much to be done, including clearing out a lot of items from the apartment. We need to be out of there by April 30, so yesterday - as I was happily Read-a-Thoning - he went over to the apartment in the rain and made 16 TRIPS up and down a flight of stairs to lug the remaining crap out of there. (I did get up off the couch to him him unload the car and put some things away.) 

Anyway, the Read-a-Thon helped jump-start my reading mojo, which was kind of floundering this week. I'd finished the wonderful The Storm at the Door by Stefan Merrill Block earlier this week, and absolutely loved it. (Look for this on my Best Books Read in 2012 List.) I then picked up Alyson Hagy's Snow, Ashes but the opening scene ... well, I just wasn't in the right frame for descriptions of slaughtering lambs. Same with Jennifer Handsford's novel Daughters for a Time, which will be published this week. No lambs in this one, but I had a hard time continuing on with this one too.  I don't know what it was - the subject matter (infertility), the writing, but something was off about this one for me. 
And then, after this lackluster reading week, the Read-a-Thon, which started with a major slam dunk. This!

Amazing book.  Loved it.  Perfect Read-a-Thon selection, as this is meant to be read in one sitting, absolutely. Definitely well-deserved for the 2011 Man Booker Prize. Even more prestigious, it's going to wind up on my Best Books Read in 2012 List. 

Then, it was onto my second Read-a-Thon book, which was a fast read and a perfect Read-a-Thon choice.  A fable (I think that's how Beth Kephart describes this) about corporate life and working together and getting ahead.  

Zenobia: The Curious Book of Business, by Matthew Emmens and Beth Kephart

And finally, I ended the Read-a-Thon at 1:30 a.m. (Hour 18 or something like that) by finishing:

Blue Nights, by Joan Didion 

I am very much in the minority in that I was NOT a fan of The Year of Magical Thinking. I honestly didn't like it at all, and I almost didn't pick this up. But, others who have had similar reactions to The Year of Magical Thinking have liked Blue Nights better ... and I agree. Blue Nights felt more real, more authentic, more poignant.

Number of Pages Read: 451
Number of Hours Read: 9

Several of you asked how Betty did during the Read-a-Thon.  (My 10 year old daughter often participates with me.) She was full steam ahead for the first hour or so, reading 26 pages in her cat-care and training manual Cat Be Good, but then got distracted by playing on the computer and ... amazingly enough, with a two-week old balloon that her brother recently discovered. (And which kept both kids sufficiently occupied for me to read 3 books. Winning!)

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Anonymous said...

You did great! It's always nice when you have a supportive husband cheering you along. My husband is usually pretty good about the readathons but I wasn't able to participate yesterday anyway.

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I've been wanting to read Blue Nights....

I enjoyed the Read-a-thon, even though I wrapped it up at 9 p.m.


Bittner said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier! I was so caught up in finishing my book for book club that I didn't have a chance to check out any other blogs! But congrats on getting so much reading done! That is so cute that your daughter participates with you! And that is awesome that she loves reading!

Unfinished Person said...

18 hours of reading? That's awesome. I wanted to participate, but I had to work at the library on Saturday. :(

I think I might have some time over the next couple of days, though, with the snowstorm coming.

Amused said...

I am so impressed! You did a lot better then me! And I love the variety of books you read. Nice work.

Melissa said...

You're assuming I read for those entire 18 hours, Unfinished Person. I only said I participated. :)

I only read for 9 of those 18 hours. Still, not too shabby.

Anonymous said...

Your husband sounds amazing! Congrats on finishing three books (and to your daughter reading 26 pages).

Thank you so much for stopping by to cheer me on.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...


Glad you're settled enough in the new house to take a day for the readathon. :)