Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Man Cannot Live By Asparagus Alone (Or, There's More Going on In the Garden Than Just Asparagus)

From the way I've been going on about my abundant asparagus patch here, you would think that this is the only thing we have going on in this new garden of ours.

Oh, wait.  It kind of is.

(Yeah.  The asparagus patch really is from that far end of the garden to the diamond shaped area - which isn't really diamond-shaped; I dunno how that turned out like that.)

But the fact that April is over (howdidthathappen?!) makes me realize that the calendar is starting to gain the advantage if we want to see any other goodies from the garden.

So with that, we (meaning the kids and I) planned a Garden Clean Up and Prep Day on Sunday afternoon ... after I went to Home Depot for some mulch and some nice dirt that promised to help my flowers and vegetables grow better and oh, look, pretty flowers!

By the time I got home, there was an hour left before dinner to do the Garden Clean Up and Prep Day, but we were determined to do what we could. And we got a decent amount accomplished in that hour, too. Betty really worked hard - her motivation being that there's a Book Fair at school this week and she's asked for five books, totaling close to $30. I told her by helping out in the garden and doing a few other additional chores, she could earn the books. Which she did, just from the garden work alone. We can now get into the asparagus patch more easily, which was our goal.

Then, later that evening, we started our tomato plants from seed. For these, I'll be honest: we're completely winging it. (Hell, who am I kidding? We're completely winging EVERYTHING about this garden this first year in this house. Try something new. Get dirty. Make a mistake. Be patient. Watch what happens. Have fun. That's what this is all about.)

These are Burpee's Big Boy Hybrids. We only got six plants started. More to come.

Then this afternoon, I was working in my home office when I heard a buzzing outside. I didn't think anything of it, assuming it was just a neighbor doing some yard work. When I looked outside, I realized it was the landscaper (we have a guy who mows the lawn because I don't do that) tilling 1/4 of the garden, which I had asked him to do.  Of course after I told him to do this, I read some articles and whatnot that said tilling might not be necessary after all, but I think in this case it was.

I only had them till 1/4 of the garden because a) this is a rather expensive job and b) I tend to be all gung ho and overly ambitious when I start a project, and I wasn't going to invest the money to have this entire garden tilled if I wasn't going to plant all of it. Again, this is a Learning Curve Year ... we'll see what we decide next year.

This meant (I think) that the soil was ready to be worked. Almost. I took the Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for Flowers and Vegetables and mixed it with the tilled soil.

I've been wanting to plant some peas for several weeks now, and I've been worried that we're getting too late in the season for that, even though we've had several pretty cold days. (This has been a wacky spring; we had snow flurries on Saturday and today it was close to 80.) So, I don't know.  I have two packs of peas, so I decided to save one to plant later in the summer, as a fall crop. This evening we planted Laxton's Progress #9 Shell Pea by High Mowing Organic Seeds. 

Supposedly, these peas don't need a trellis, so that's cool. We put them near the fence though, just in case. The fall crop of peas will need a cage or something, so maybe we can use the tomato cages for those.

Then, almost just as soon as we started, the evening drew to a close.

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Melissa said...

I am really very excited to read all about your gardening adventures! I am envious of that space. Seriously. Good luck to you! I hope your garden is productive and you get lots of goodies from it. :-D