Friday, June 8, 2012

Armchair BEA: The Future of Blogging

If you listen to the naysayers, I shouldn't be writing this post at all.  As a blogger, I am dead.

Kind of like this clip from one of TV's greatest sitcoms ever, "All in the Family." (You'll probably have to advance to 21:23 to see what I mean.)

Ironically, this episode (about a snafu with the Veteran's Administration that mistakenly classifies Archie as deceased) is called "Archie and the Computer," and like many AITF episodes, it was ahead of its time.

I suppose some of us bloggers thought the same thing once. That we were on the cutting edge of something new, something big.  I don't count myself among those; rather, I count myself among those smacking their heads wondering why we didn't get in on this blogging thing sooner. Because, now, if the so-called experts are to be believed, we're a dying breed, soon to be extinct, going the way of the dinosaur.

I don't see it that way. Maybe because I don't want to see it that way.

I think - I hope - there will always be a place for good writing, for thoughts and ideas to be shared and discussed. And in particular for book bloggers, I hope there will always exist a forum to discover new books  that make us think and that take us new places. I'm sure that forum might change in some ways - those of us who have been at this a few years have seen the various trends come and go - but I hope that there will always be a place for everyone who wants one.

That's one of the many awesome things about the blogging world and, in particular, this book blogging community of ours. There really is room for everybody. At times it may not seem like it, but that's because this has grown to be such a large community in recent years. And for the most part, we're a welcoming, friendly kind of bunch. Hopefully, the folks who were at BEA in New York this week experienced that. I know I experienced that through Armchair BEA - with a stack of new blogs to follow and friends to get to know.

As for being a prognosticator, I tend to agree with many (if not all) of the points made in "The Future of Blogging" post on the Armchair BEA homepage. I do see a trend toward microblogging (even though I may not always practice it myself - although I am trying!) and among several of the longtime book bloggers I read, there seems to be a read of pulling back from giveaways and ARCs and even reviews. I hesitate to use the word burnout, but that's affected some of us too. In some cases, we're blogging maybe a little less frequently than we did in our earlier years. It's no secret that my own posting here has dwindled from almost daily to maybe 2-3 times per week ... and that's OK.

I think the key is to roll with the changes. I've made peace with the guilt with the somewhat infrequent posting at times, and I think my mom has come to understand that a lack of a post from me doesn't mean I'm dead in a ditch somewhere.

Despite what the blogging naysayers might think.

Updated to add: It has come to my attention that this was not exactly the designated Armchair BEA topic of the day. Allow this to be a lesson as to what happens when one blogs under the influence of two glasses of Blackberry Merlot, as I have been doing while writing this post. Whoops. 

Carry on with your weekend now. As you were. 

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Johanna said...

Don't worry! I was confused too and will be updating my blog post 'bout this. Anyways, great post and awesome clip. :)

Happy late Day Five of ArmchairBea to you!

My ArmchairBEA Day Five Entry

Michelle Birbeck said...

I too hope there will always be a place for good books! And as long as there are books, there will be a need for book blog reviewers! So here's hoping there's life left in us yet!

K A B L O O E Y said...

All in the Family; that'a an excellent blast from the past. Books too. I remember them...