Saturday, July 14, 2012

In Which I Get the Verve to Sign Up for The 'Burgh Blogger Bash

You remember when I said that I hadn't met any bloggers here in the 'Burgh yet?

That's about to change.

I've gone and signed myself up for something new called the 'Burgh Blogger Bash, which I saw mentioned over on Live and Love to Eat, which Claire writes. (I don't know Claire personally, but I read her blog.) Since I'd kind of like to broaden my social network here and meet some blogging types here in the 'Burgh, I emailed Claire and promptly made a complete idiot of myself by not realizing August 11 was a Saturday. (Helps sometimes to actually look at a calendar.) Long story short, I'm signed up and hopefully I'll come across as more together in person.

Probably not, though, because undoubtedly I will be making even more of a fool out of myself during the event. You see, part of this involves a free Pilates class at the very chic looking Verve Wellness studio Downtown and many of my other blogger participants are ... well, let's just say from reading their blogs, they are no strangers to the wellness scene. When it comes to All The Things Fitness and Healthy and Beautiful and Awesome in Pittsburgh, let me tell you. They are your go to girls. They are like the FITNESS NINJAS n'at.

And then there's me, who thinks I'm taking numbers and kicking some butt when I park several spaces further away in the Giant Eagle parking lot in order to, you know, WALK an extra yard or two during my day. I mean, I might have to start TRAINING for a blogger event.

Assuming I survive the Pilates class, we're planning to go out to lunch afterward at Habitat, which looks amazing - not to mention a little bit more my speed. Plus, Chef Andrew is a blogger, too!

All kidding aside, I'm really looking forward to this.

And how about YOU? Are you a Pittsburgh area blogger who would like to join me and the bloggers listed below? If so, then get in touch with Claire who is coordinating what is shaping up (ha! get it? a funny!) to be a fabulous day. Here's who is planning to attend:

  • Michelle, Blogitness:
  • Katie, KEPT You Fit:
  • Julie, Swim, Bike, Running On Empty:
  • Nikki, Life After Swimming:
  • Gabrielle, Primped in Pittsburgh:
  • Melissa, Betty and Boo Chronicles:
  • Katie, Healthy Diva Eats:
  • Allie, Allie's Life:
  • Jill, The Strawberry Blonde Life:
  • Rachel, Pittsburgh Plate:
  • Jess, Stylish, Stealthy, and Healthy:
  • Claire, Live and Love to Eat:

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    Amy said...

    This looks like a blast, I hope you have so much fun! :)

    Lisa Gradess Weinstein said...

    So glad you found a group of fellow bloggers close to home!!!