Wednesday, July 25, 2012

They're Taking Back the Movies (and You Can Too)

photo taken by me in Delaware, looking west
March 8, 2010
My friend Rachel - singer, songwriter, mother extraordinaire - is one of those people who radiates light from within. You know the type. There's just something about their spirit that makes you want to be in their presence as much as possible, because doing so somehow inspires you to be a better person.  Her husband is much the same way; they are made for each other.

I've known her since our teenage days together as library workers, as my bathroom confidante during a memorably bittersweet senior prom. (A theme song of Billy Joel's "I've Loved These Days" would prove to be prescient for my generation.) Now, we see each other rarely, if ever;  we are time zones apart.

She and her family live in the Denver, Colorado area. They are an entertainment family, and her kids old enough to be at a midnight premiere of one of the year's most anticipated movies.

So on July 20, the unthinkable wasn't impossible, and she (and her husband and kids) were among the first people I thought of upon hearing of the tragedy in Aurora.

Thankfully, they are OK, but as we all know now, their beloved community isn't.

Which is why she emailed me the link to an initiative her husband created called TAKE BACK THE MOVIESAs is their spirit, they want to do more than simply donate money in response to this tragedy. On August 4, they want to spread some light in the darkness. To replace a random act of violence with a random act of kindness.

In their words:

We're Spreading Some Light in the Dark!
On July 20, one man crept into a movie theater in Aurora, CO, and attacked hundreds of people who just wanted to see a movie.  He did what he could to spread darkness over the Greater Denver area and the country as a whole.  We're doing what we can to spread a little light in response.

On August 4, we're taking Denver to the movies. We're going to go to as many theaters as we can and pay for everyone's movie tickets.  Our message is simple: "Tonight, the movie's on us. Go, enjoy. This isn't a fundraiser, it's not a memorial service. Some jerk tried to steal a night of fun from all of us. Tonight, we're giving it back." 
Want to join them? Here's how to be a light in Colorado's darkness. 

UPDATED 7/27 TO ADD: They've raised $8,000 so far. You can read about my friends in PARADE Magazine here

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