Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wrong Kind of Rain

photo taken by me
June 12, 2012
There are times when it feels like I am typing the same things on my friends' Facebook statuses. 

Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

My deepest condolences to you and your family.


Thinking of you.

I've been writing a lot of these kinds of sentiments. To a childhood friend, who just jetted from one coast to another to say a final goodbye to her father. To another, remembering a sad anniversary and to another, wishing to turn back the clock as she said goodbye to her mother. To a blogging friend, who goes in for a 6 month cancer scan tomorrow. To another, asking if his father was all right in reply to a vague posting.

And that's not to mention others, the ones with the job losses and precarious family situations and issues concerning children and loved ones.  I can't keep up; I fear forgetting someone.

In this summer of record drought, it seems at times to be too much of the wrong kind of rain for too many.

"Laugh, when your eyes are burning
Smile, when your heart is filled with pain
Sigh, as you brush away your sorrow
Make a vow, that's it's not going to happen again
It's not right, in one life
Too much rain
You, know the wheels keep turning
Why, do the tears run down your face
We, use to hide away our feelings
But for now, tell yourself it won't happen again
It's not right, in one life
Too much rain
It's too much for anyone, Too hard for anyone
Who wants a happy and peaceful life
You've gotta learn to laugh
Smile, when your spinning round and round
Sigh, as you think about tomorrow
Make a vow, that your gonna be happy again
It's all right, in your life
No more rain ...."

"Too Much Rain" ~ Paul McCartney

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