Monday, September 10, 2012

Putting the Appreciation in Book Blogger Appreciation Week

I do not have a single prepared post for Book Blogger Appreciation Week, which happens to be today through Friday.

So, I'll be the one winging it here, participating as I am able.

For today's BBAW writing prompt, we're asked to share with our readers some of the blogs we enjoy reading and why.

Now, see, here's the thing. I read 332 book blogs. That's not a typo and that's not a total of 332 blogs. That's JUST the book blogs. (There are a mere 1,142 blogs in my Google Reader.)

So, yeah. 332 book blogs.

In the interest of time, I'm tempted to cheat and direct you to my BBAW post from 2009 when I linked to my entire Google Reader of 101 of my favorite book blogs.  

(Yeah. I really did.)

That was back when I only read 400 some odd blogs TOTAL.

Or if 101 book blogs is too many to peruse, perhaps check out my link in 2010 when I did a shout out to 8 book bloggers that I appreciate (still appreciate them all today!)

But that still leaves a lot of people out. And this former Always-Picked-Last-For-a-Team-in-Gym-Class-Survivor feels kinda guilty about that.

So, I'll give a shout out to a few book bloggers who I somehow either omitted (the horror!) or discovered since.

A Guy's Moleskine Notebook - I'm always adding to my TBR pile after reading Matt's blog.

Beth Fish Reads - Weekend Cooking is one of my favorite blogging features, but there's so much more here at Beth Fish Reads. Great writing and always interesting posts.

Bonjour, Cass! - I love Bonjour, Cass! for the great mix of LBGT books that are presented and for the commitment to the community that is demonstrated here. I've added so many books to my TBR list from here.

caribou's mom - I've been reading Wendy's blog forever (I've been blogging for 4 years now) and cannot imagine why I haven't included her on any of these lists before now. Her reviews are always well-written and honest. And, she makes me believe that someday I might even sew a quilt.

Coffee and a Book Chick - I don't know what came first: meeting Natalie at a Book Blogger Convention or reading her blog. Either way, I'm glad both things happened because hers is one of my favorite blogs - and her design is spectacular.

Fig and Thistle - A new blog discovery for me. I'm looking forward to getting to know this one more.

My Porch - I love how Thomas is able to tie something bookish into anything he posts - whether it is about a vacation or his work as an archivist.

nomadreader - Another one that I've been reading for awhile, that I love, and that I cannot believe I've never recognized.

Ready When You Are, C.B. - It's not an official BBAW award, but it's the best thing I've got. Seriously, I love this blog and C.B.'s take on all things literary. I'm usually left saying, "damn, I wish I thought of that," or nodding my head in agreement.

Savidge Reads - Awesome writing. Awesome blog.

She is Too Fond of Books - I love that Dawn and her husband have extended their passion for books to BUYING AN INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE. Livin' the dream, girlfriend. Livin' the dream. I admit, I worried that it would perhaps put a halt to the blogging, and that would give me a sad as Boston is too far for this Pittsburgh girl to go book shopping, but that does not seem to be the case. (And again, I'll sound like a broken record: how have I gone 4 years without a shout-out to Dawn?)

Sophisticated Dorkiness - Kim is the reason why I head to the nonfiction section of the library's new releases first. (OK, BESIDES the fact that they are the first shelf as one walks in the door.) The girl didn't win the Goodreads trip to the Book Blogger Convention for her nonfiction reviews for nothing, you know. She's really that good.

Sorry Television  - If there were still BBAW awards and if there was an award for Best Blog Name, I would be nominating Sorry Television. Because it is just so awesome. You should check out the blog to see why. (It's also very well written, too.)

The Well-Read Wife - I really like Mandy's reviews and just her general, fun approach to blogging. I especially love that she personally bought 50 copies of a book and shared them with bloggers so that they could discuss them. Now that's a dedicated book blogger!

I also have to give a shout-out to two Pittsburgh bloggers who I recently discovered. Semi-Literate Yinzer Bookclub and Tiffany's Bookshelf.  I'm looking forward to getting to know them, too. Yay for yinzers who love books!

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Beth F said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out, especially because I'm in such great company. Some of my long-time favorites are in this group.

Jennifer Hartling said...

Thanks for the great list! Many of the blogs you mentioned are new to me and I'll be checking them out.

Happy BBAW, isn't this the most fun??
The Relentless Reader

Cindy Smith said...

Melissa you are an awesome blogger and I love coming her to read what you have to say and love how you tell it like it is.

Hopefully next summer (2013) if I go to my SIL I will let you know because we always stop in Meadville PA. I would love to meet up with you finally since it hasn't happened yet. I think I remember you commenting on one of post about you being close to there. Let me know :)

Florinda Pendley Vasquez said...

Two things:

1) I know most of the blogs you mentioned, but a few are new to me, and have already been added to my Google Reader. This is the blessing and curse of BBAW.

2) You're one of the few bloggers I know (besides me) who's willing to admit that the number of blogs they subscribe to is in four figures. Bless you! And happy BBAW. :-D

Cass said...

Thanks for the love, it makes my heart swell! ;)