Thursday, October 25, 2012

PodCamp Pittsburgh. This Weekend. I'm So There.

I've come to realize that living in Pittsburgh means making some tough choices - especially on the weekends.

Especially this weekend.

There are a ridiculous number of amazing-sounding things going on this Saturday and/or Sunday in Pittsburgh. (Actually, that's true of many weekends here. Honest to God, I've never seen a city with so much to offer as this place does. It's crazy.)

This Saturday, I am in serious need of a clone. On one hand, there's Women Read/Women Write, an event bringing readers and writers together to celebrate the books women love to read. It's free. Take a look at that agenda. This is exactly my thing. Perfect for the novel in progress. 

But. BUT! I also happen to need a little thing known as a JOB, and since that doesn't seem to be happening in the traditional "Email-resume,Get-interview-Get-hired" type of way (I'm good for steps #1 and #2, not so much #3), I need to do whatever I can to attract and secure more freelance writing and consulting work

I've been giving some thought to somehow trying to connect both of my blogging endeavors in some way - somehow merging the professional with the personal. Whether it can be done, I don't know - but that's where PodCamp Pittsburgh 7 comes in, making this excellent timing for me in regards to potential networking, and learning, and all that good stuff. 

This Saturday and Sunday at Point Park University, you can take part in this, too. (Registration is still open. And. It's. FREE.) 

What exactly is PodCamp Pittsburgh?

Wonderful question (as a certain political candidate would say). Anticipating such, the @pcpgh peeps put together The Beginner's Guide to PodCamp Pittsburgh, from where I cut and pasted this from:
PodCamp is the most awesome thing in Pittsburgh.
But if you really want to get specific…
PodCamp Pittsburgh is a social, new media conference. It started in 2004 and was originally built around podcasting (hence the name PodCamp), and has since grown across North America. PodCamp Pittsburgh has also evolved into a study of information sharing online and how it affects us in different ways every day.
At PodCamp Pittsburgh, you’ll learn how to get started (or how to grow) sharing what you do with everyone else in the world through voice, video, pictures, text and other forms of media. You’ll find out what (and how to use) the latest tools others are using to accomplish great things.
(In other words, don't be like me and see the word "pod" and think that this is a podcasting only type of thing. Clearly, it's not.)

Did I mention that PodCamp Pittsburgh is FREE? Yes ... free. It's supported by volunteers, of which I will gladly be one on Saturday while also attending several sessions. (You can see the full schedule of sessions, their descriptions, and speakers here.)

I'm incredibly excited about this. PodCamp Pittsburgh is the perfect opportunity to make connections among those in our city's traditional and new media scene and it is exactly what I need right now. 

Maybe it's exactly what you need, too.

Leave me a comment if you'll be there or follow me on Twitter @bettyandboo or at my professional account, @thefirmangroup. Would love to meet you and say hi!

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