Wednesday, December 26, 2012

pocketful of miracles (as provided by dickens, sinatra, and mom)

My mom's Christmas tree in the room where I sit.
Photo taken by me. 

"Pee-rac-ti-cal-i-ty de-us-nt intrest me,

Love the life that I lead.
I've got a pocketful of miracles,
And with a pocketful of miracles,
One miracle a day is all I need!
Tree-rou-bles, more or less,
Bee-ah-ther me, I guess when the sun doesn't shine.
But there's a pocketful of miracles,
The world's a bright and shiny apple that's mine, all mine.
I hear sleigh bells ringing, smack in the month of May
I go around like there's a snow around,
I feel so good, it's Christmas every day!
Lee-ifes a carousel, fee-ar as I can tell
And I'm riding for free.
I've got a pocketful of miracles,
But if I had to pick a miracle,
My favorite miracle of all is you love me."
"Pocketful of Miracles" ~ sung by Frank Sinatra

Christmas Day has drawn to a close and I am the only one stirring in the house. Santa has long left his big scene, scattering an American Girl doll, clothes and books in his midst. We've gone a-visiting, eaten more than we should have (cholesterol be damned), and been renewed by being back with family and friends.

In this midnight hour, I am awake in the sunroom and reading  A Christmas Carol on my Kindle. With every click, I identify more with Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim - and, as a fundraiser, with The Portly Gentlemen. And if I'm being honest, which I try to be, I may see a former boss or two in Scrooge.

We all have at least one Ebenezer as a Ghost of Horrible Job Past, don't we?

Despite telling myself I wouldn't, I sneak a peek at, at, at the fiscal cliff negotiations and Obama's plans to return home early from his vacation.

I watch the storms on the horizon, back home in the western part of the state, and reluctantly rearrange schedules to cut this vacation short.

I think about cancer, the surviving and the not surviving thereof.

I look around the sunroom here at my mom's house and spot a little book: Joan Borysenko's chock-full Pocketful of Miracles: Prayers, Meditations, and Affirmations to Nurture Your Spirit Every Day of the Year. 

I turn to today, December 26.

Seed Thought:
Although the Light has been reborn in our hearts more brightly because of the past year's cultivation of compassion, tolerance, humility, humor and kindness, more growth is yet to come. More difficulties are yet to arise and lead us through the next spiral of awakening. In this year to come, remember the Buddhist practice called "making difficulties into the path." If we use all of our trials, all our fears, all our disappointments to spur ourselves on, just think of all the fuel we'll have for the journey! 

We've seen a lot of things this year, but I often need to be reminded that we have also seen a lot of cultivating of compassion, tolerance, humility, humor, and kindness.

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