Sunday, December 2, 2012

some of our favorite (handmade in pittsburgh) things

Betty and I spent nearly four incredibly fun hours at the I Made It! Market yesterday and that still wasn't enough time to see all the fabulous things there was to see.

That's probably a good thing. As it was, we did more Christmas shopping for ourselves than others.

First, let me say that next to readers and writers (and bloggers), crafty people are some of the nicest people ever. (And this is Pittsburgh, where people are just amazingly downright nice to begin with.) As is my custom, I couldn't help chatting with many of the vendors, telling them that I was a fan of their Facebook page (as if they would know who I was).

The thing is, these people make quality things and it's just downright FUN to be in the company of fun, creative people. (None more so than Carrie Nardini, the Co-Founder and Organizer of this event, who deserves major kudos for an amazing weekend.)

It's also important to support them, especially in this economy, which is one reason why I like to go to such events (especially this one) with my daughter. Betty's a bit of a shopaholic, but I also know she appreciates handmade and local things.

Here are some pictures of the event and what we got (Christmas presents excluded):

Entrance to I Made It! for the Holidays at Bakery Square. 
Bakery Square is a former Nabisco plant. (Hence, the name.)
It was very busy yesterday, helped by the fact that it was an unseasonably warm day for December 1 in Pittsburgh. Close to 60 degrees!  Betty and I had lunch at Panera Bread before shopping. 

Bakery Square is also the location of Google's headquarters in Pittsburgh. 

We had to park on the roof. Betty wasn't happy, but I didn't mind.
(One of the best things about this event is free parking.) 
Check out these great views of Pittsburgh!

Onto the shopping ... 

Our first item purchased, for just $1.00. An envelope made from a page of an old book.
(I'm not sure of the vendor. I need to look for the business card.)
Outside of envelope.
This isn't being given away. In fact, it might be getting framed. 

Inside of envelope, with the original text from the book.

Shea Butter soap from Soap Alchemy, LLC.
The Soap Alchemist was really nice. 
This is for me, to try and help with a pesky rash I have. 
(Ironically, caused by some cheap crappy soap I used.)

We got some fun things from Green Bubble Gorgeous. 
Krystal was wonderful with Betty, who has been very self-conscious about some (barely noticeable to us) scars on her arm. She recommended the Honey Almond Cocoa Butter Lotion Bar (pictured below in the square tin). I'm also going to try the lotion bar for the aforementioned rash. We also bought: lip butters, aromatherapy oil for headache relief, aromatherapy soaking salts, and a Cupcake Bubble Bomb

Lip butters (The Sweets Quad) and Cupcake Bubble Bomb, pictured below.
Both of these are gifts, picked out by Betty for her cousin. 

Aromatherapy Soaking Salts. The Lavender helps with migraines and can be used in the shower. Simply open the salts and let the scent mingle with the shower steam. The Aches and Pains version is for Betty, who asked for this to help for after her gymnastics classes. 

 Necklace for Betty from Bambi's Clay Design. 
This is made out of polymer clay. The designer Melissa was so nice and shortened the necklace for Betty right there. 

And two necklaces for me. Book blogger friends, check this out! 

These are by juNxtaposition, which I first encountered at last year's I Made It! Market and promptly fell in love. The left pendant is a necklace MADE OUT OF A WORD FROM THE DICTIONARY. Jeanne has all kinds of words - and yes, I looked for "writer" but alas, no such luck. However, I was thrilled to find reader! And the one on the right is a RECYCLED TYPEWRITER KEY! Jeanne hunts down old typewriters and then refashioned them into necklaces.

I've been wanting one of these since last year. 

It's been a tough year. 

So I bought two. 

Speaking of the tough year, I need to get some thank you cards out for things people have been sending and doing since The Husband has been sick. I bought these from judith browne calligraphy. I always like to support other card-makers and calligraphers, and Judith is incredibly nice. I met her last year. 

Finally, last but certainly not least, two prints from Bonne Amy. She specializes in Alphabet Photography, in which she looks for objects that resemble letters and then she assembles them into words using photographs. I LOVE these. The first one, HOPE, has a quote underneath it by George Iles: "Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark." I bought this one for The Husband. 

The second one, FAMILY, says "Families are the compass that guide us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter." 

And this, The ABC's of Pittsburgh. A perfect picture for the new house! 

There were a few other things, but they are gifts. We had such a fun time and I came home in such an inspired, crafty mood. I was into cardmaking for awhile and I've been wanting to get back into it again.

I think I need to. Maybe, like my new city, this is part of my next renaissance, the next chapter, the next step in figuring out, what happens now?

While talking with one of the crafters about cardmaking (I meant to get back to her table to get some of her bookish cards), she commented, "We need to make things, don't we?"

Yes, we do.  We absolutely, most certainly do.


jeanne@juNxtaposition said...

thanks for the props !! it was so great talking with you..and great blog !!!

Bonne Amy said...

Thank for the great post and for your generous purchase! I'm glad you love my work. I'm sure your trying to get your writing out just as I am trying to get my work out there. I will be spreading this anywhere I can!
Thanks again,
Amy from Bonne Amy

Shaina Joyce said...

Nice post! I went to the market for the first time this year, it was wonderful. I hope to have a booth next year :) Will you be at the handmade arcade?

Judith Browne said...

Thank you for buying something from me and for your lovely comments. I love your blog!