Wednesday, March 20, 2013

anticipation; for we have wintered enough

Here, then, are the (unedited and uncropped) daffodils, almost full to bursting with the anticipation of spring. This photo was taken last Friday, March 15. Today on this first day of spring, the daffodils look much the same.

You can almost hear them saying that they, too, have wintered enough. As I do every year (because I love it so much), I share one of my favorite poems, by Unitarian Universalist minister Jane Rzepka, on this much-awaited first day of spring.

O Spirit of Life and Renewal
Rev. Jane Rzepka

We have wintered enough,
mourned enough,
oppressed ourselves enough.

Our souls are too long cold and buried,
our dreams all but forgotten,
our hopes unheard.

We are waiting to rise from the dead.
In this, the season of steady rebirth,
we awaken to the power so abundant, so holy,
that returns each year through earth and sky.

We will find our hearts again, and our good spirits.
We will love, and believe, and give and wonder,
and feel again the eternal powers.

The flow of life moves ever onward
through one faithful spring,
and another,
and now another.

May we be forever grateful.

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