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Springtime Outings with the Beez Family (A Pittsburgh Bloggers Guest Post from BeezusKiddo)

Today, as part of some April Fools shenanigans with othePittsburgh Bloggers, nobody is where they are supposed to be. Meaning that, today I'm featuring a guest post from my new friend Elizabeth Collura who is an attorney, wife, mom, and one of my favorite local bloggers. 

Elizabeth's blog, the awesomely-named BeezusKiddo, has been one of my favorites since we moved here to Pittsburgh because she, Mr. Beez, and Baby Beez seem to do ALL THE AMAZING THINGS in this city. I've gotten so many great ideas from her blog. (And for my bookish friends, if you were thinking that the Beezus part refers to the Beverly Cleary character, you would be right.) 

And now, without further ado, please welcome Elizabeth from BeezusKiddo

Springtime Outings with the Beez Family

The weather man tells me that this week there is finally hope of Spring returning! Perhaps this frightful winter weather won’t be permanent after all!

Life being what it is, with errands and laundry and what not, it’s hard to find time to just relax.  But with the hopes of spring around the corner, I’m itching for some adventures.  If I had a whole day to spend just chillin out maxin relaxin all cool, this is how I’d spend it:

We’d start our day out with a hearty breakfast.  Pancakes at the Dor-Stop? Yes, please!

Next we’d head into Oakland. The first order of business would be a visit to the Carnegie Library. Baby Beez could read and play in the kids area, while I read a magazine and Mr. Beez surfs the internet.  No visit is complete without checking out an armful of bedtime stories, and a stack of Dora and Elmo videos too.

After the library, a visit to Schenley Plaza would be in order.  In the summertime, they offer monthly family day events where carousel rides are free, and there are activities like face painting, balloon animals and caricatures.  We are also big fans of the frequent free concerts and theater performances in the Plaza.  Even when there isn’t a special event going on, the charming carousel is well worth a spin.

After all this, it would be time for Baby Beez and Mr. Beez to take a nap.  If I knew what was good for me, I’d take a nap too…but I just can’t help myself. So I’d head out to the Allegheny River for some quality kayak and podcast time.

And after everyone is well rested and I’ve cleaned the river water smell of myself, we would trek back to the North Shore to take in our beloved Buccos.

We’d each be treated to our favorite snacks: French fries for Baby Beez and Mr. Beez, and Quaker Steak BBQ wings for me.

Hopefully the Pirates will score some runs and we can see the fireworks.  We know those Bucco’s well enough to have well-practiced loss scowls.

But maybe this year? Right? I think it’s time for a winning season! Happy opening day, yinz!

OK, yinz see what I mean? I'm exhausted just reading that! I've never been to the Dor-Stop nor the main branch of the Carnegie Library. I had no idea that there was a carousel in Schenley Park, and maybe if I get myself to a Pirates game this year their record will change. (Hope springs eternal, right?) Four great Pittsburgh ideas in one post. Thanks so much, Elizabeth!  As part of the April Fools Pittsburgh Bloggers event, I'm guest-posting about what to do when "You've Lost That Blogging Feeling" over at Will Reynolds Young's blog. 

Photo Credits: Top photo taken by me, March 30, 2013, Pittsburgh as seen from the top of the Duquesne Incline. All other photos by Elizabeth Collura. 

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