Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekend Cooking: Produce Sale

There are two grocery stores in close proximity to me, plus a Costco. One of the grocery stores has a reputation in this area for being somewhat expensive, and as I've been scrutinizing our food bills lately, I've come to agree. (I didn't think they were out of line compared to what I was used to paying in Delaware, but whatever.) Recently, that same supermarket ended a popular rewards program which has caused considerable PR backlash; as a result, I've been shopping more frequently at a cheaper store which also happens to be closer to my house.

For its second anniversary in this location, this store celebrated by having what it called a "two-day sale" on Thursday and Friday. I took a look at the circular, expecting to find a lot of processed crap that we don't eat.

I was pleasantly surprised.

A lot of the sale items were fruits and vegetables, at ridiculously low prices. We're talking bags of potatoes for 67 cents and almost everything else not much more than 98 cents each.

Here's what I got:

3.5 lbs. of stem tomatoes
8 oz. white mushrooms
5 Braeburn apples
2 bags of small russet potatoes (3 lbs. each)
3 zucchini
3 lbs. of strawberries
2 bags of lettuce
2 bags of baby carrots
2 seedless cucumbers
1 lb. green beans
half of a watermelon

I paid just $22.62 for all this, which I thought was quite a bargain.

Usually with sales like this you don't find fresh produce on sale, so as a vegetarian (and occasional vegan) I was very appreciative of this. The produce section was also the busiest, which was very encouraging. (Of course, this store also had a lot of meat on sale - this is Pittsburgh, after all - and people were equally as excited about that. But since I don't eat meat, I can't comment on the prices on that. They seemed reasonable, though.)

I don't have a meal plan for all this, but I am thinking we may snack on the fruit and make simple meals like a pasta salad, green bean and chickpea salad, and pita pocket sandwiches with the rest. Regardless of what I make, it's a nice taste of spring before the farmers' markets start opening up.

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JoAnn said...

Amazing - I've never seen "real" food on sale like that!

Peggy Ann said...

Very good buy!