About Me, This Blog, and That Photo

I get a lot of comments and questions about this photo, so we'll take that first. Here's the story behind it.

For starters, it's real. (You can tell by the smudge on the lens.) No PhotoShopping here.  In July 2009, The Husband and I were on vacation at my aunt and uncle's house at the Jersey Shore. One evening, as we walked along the back bay, we stumbled across this chair by a stop sign.  You can't see it in the photo, but a few feet beyond the stop sign is the bay.

"That's my blog photo!" I exclaimed, snapping photo after photo. (I have somewhat of an odd fascination with taking photos of empty chairs.)  It was the perfect image for what I try to do here in this space. 

Which leads me to this blog, and the meaning behind 
"The Betty and Boo Chronicles."

In August 2008, this blog was launched as a way to chronicle the goings on of my now 10-year old twins (Betty and Boo, not their real names). But as their stories became their own, this blog changed. Like the photo, life is about expecting the unexpected - and that goes to the eclectic nature of this blog. 

This isn't a niche blog. I write about a lot of things.

The books I'm reading. The book I'm writing.

Our family's journey with autism. (My son Boo has Asperger's Syndrome).

Coping with cancer. (My husband was just diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It has rocked our world.)

My work as a fundraising consultant and as a new entrepreneur. 

Like the photo, The Betty and Boo Chronicles is about taking time to stop and watch the simple things.Take a walk. Watch the sunset. Stop before you fall in.  

Also, that looks like a pretty comfortable, well-loved chair, doesn't it?  I could picture curling up in that recliner and reading - and that's also what the photo says to me, that I can read anywhere. It also reminds me of Archie Bunker's chair.  On occasion, I use my blog to give my opinion - my own little soapbox about issues that particularly resonate or that I feel passionate about.  As fans of "All in the Family" know, Archie was prone to giving a few of his "bicentennial minutes" in such a chair.

And finally, I love that this photo is from someplace I love, that means so much to my family, and that I find myself wanting to return to as often as I possibly can.

My hope is that if you're a reader of The Betty and Boo Chronicles, that's the case for you too.

(During our 2010 vacation, the chair disappeared and was replaced by a canoe.  I wrote about it here and here.)