Blurbs, Snippets and Clips ... 
(or, other places my writing has appeared) 

I write about non-profit fundraising and communications as a Guest Blogger for Benchmark Email

National Book Award finalist Beth Kephart links to my review of her novel, Small Damages, on her blog.
And so Melissa's words today, about Small Damages, are the words of one who has read an oeuvre with great care.  They are the words of someone who has carefully, patiently watched my work evolve over time.  Reading Melissa's blog post was, to me, akin to reading a scholarly piece.  I learned so much and became so absorbed in Melissa's thinking that it wasn't until the end that I remembered that she was writing about me.  This post was so exceptional that my publicist, Jessica Shoffel, sent an email earlier:  Making sure you saw this one.

Author Rachel Simon links to my review of her novel The Story of Beautiful Girl on her website, with this quoteThe Betty and Boo Chronicles begins with this extraordinary comparison: “Every once in awhile, a novel comes along with the power to significantly change one’s perspective while simultaneously being a beacon of hope for people who have been forgotten, who are disenfranchised, and who remain on the fringes of society. It happened with To Kill a Mockingbird, the classic novel by Harper Lee that illuminated race relations in the Deep South. And it has the potential to happen again (as I hope and pray it does) with The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon.”

The website Spread the Word to End the Word featured my blog post: "It's Not Just Another Word" alongside posts from CNN,, Maria Shriver, USA Today, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Huffington Post, Denver Post, and The Harvard Crimson.

On their website, The Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP) published "Charmed in Charm City," my recap of the 47th AFP International Conference on Fundraising held in Baltimore, MD from April 11-14, 2010.

Speaker, accounting rockstar, and QuickBooks expert Dawn Brolin includes part of my post "Finding My Spark and Hustle" on her website.

A blurb from my book review of Bad Marie was mentioned on author Marie Dermansky's website.
“Incredibly well-written and captivating.” — The Betty and Boo Chronicles

Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno's website includes the link to my review of her poetry collection, Slamming Open the Door.

GoneReading, which features brilliant products for the reading lifestyle, included my review of To Kill a Mockingbird .