Some of My Best Posts

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Here are a few of some of my best posts that you might enjoy.
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Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and Special Needs
(Our Family's Journey with Autism)

Inauguration Day (1/20/2011)
Cool Change (7/14/2010)
Funerals R' Us (7/3/2009)
The Black Box (11/16/2008)

In the News

On Hurricane Sandy: Still Standing (11/4/2012)
On Election 2008: Riding Towards History (11/5/2008)

Personal Reflections, Family, and Remembering

Still Standing (11/4/2012)
What My Grandmom Taught Me: Make Sure That Guy is Three Bus Worthy (12/16/2011)
The Years of the PR Grins (7/16/2011)
Wonder (5/13/2011)
In the Living Years (2/20/2010)
Living History (Or, Spending Valentines Day in the Presence of Greatness) (2/14/2010)
To Whom Much Is Given (2/7/2010)
You Had Me at Hello (12/25/2008)